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Bentley Hire Stoke on Trent

All of the different Bentley hire Stoke-On-Trent companies have different types of Bentleys that you can hire out. At Hire Bentley, we have the Bentley Arnage, Bentley Mulsanne and the Bentley Flying Spur, as well as the Baby Bentley to choose from.

Stoke on Trent Bentley

Whether you’re looking for the perfect car to match your wedding, or you’re just looking for a stylish way to enjoy the sights of Stoke on Trent, our Bentley hire service is ideal. Here, you’ll discover more about the different models we have available to hire out in the city.

You have a choice of 4 Bentley models to choose from in our fleet. Each is built to an incredible standard and comes with a range of great luxury features.

Our luxurious Bentley models

The Bentley Flying Spur is a particularly popular hire car. It comes in either white or silver colour variations. The Silver Bentley Flying Spur is exactly the same as the white variation.

The two cars would be perfect for your wedding day, with the silver model being perfect for the groom, while the white is perfect for the bride. They both come with 20-inch Alloy wheels and Deep pile carpets.

The main reason why the Bentley Flying Spur is so popular is because of its luxurious interior. From its deep pile carpets to the lavish leather seats; no matter how long your journey is, this car will help you to stay extremely comfortable for the entire journey.  

Bentley’s Great for any occasion

The Flying Spur is also impressive without being too imposing. There are a lot of sophisticated hire cars available that are a little intimidating. While the Rolls Royce Phantom is one of the most impressive cars in the world, some people find it a little too imposing. If you want a slightly less imposing hire car which will still look impressive, then the Flying Spur is definitely the right one for you. It has a satellite navigation system installed too so you should always get to where you need to be in time.

real luxurious experience

We also have the Bentley Arnage which comes in silver, and it can seat up to 4 passengers. It has a really classy style and comes with climate control for maximum comfort. No matter what time of year you travel in this sophisticated vehicle, you’ll always feel comfortable. It is quite a rare car and that makes it one of the most sought-after hire cars in the UK.

Our other impressive models include the breath-taking Baby Bentley and the superb Bentley Mulsanne. Both of these models are exquisite and provide a real luxurious experience.

Affordable prices to suit most budgets

You’ll find that we offer some of the cheapest quotes on Bentley hire Stoke-On-Trent. We also aim to meet all of your hire car needs. From complimentary bubbly to little requested extras; we always aim to please.    

If you are looking into Bentley hire Stoke-On-Trent, you may want to consider booking as early as possible. This is because due to its popularity, our Bentley models do tend to be booked up quite early. Always aim to book at least two months in advance if you can.

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